Enjoy the Reflector QSO using Smartphone or Tablet.

Introducing Portable AMBE server for Reflector QSO


The XRF reflector club began distributing a portable AMBE server that can make a reflector QSO that does not require a transceiver.

It is common to access the reflector using  D - Star/ C4FM/ DMR transceiver with  access point unit called a hotspot, but if you use this portable AMBE Server, you can QSO just use a Smartphone /Tablet /PC . you do not need the tranceiver to access reflectors.




Picture is Portable AMBE server. It is very small.Size is 9cm wide x 4.5cm depth x 2.5cm hight. It can be connected to the network by WiFi or LAN connection via USB port. WiFi connection is very convenient. It does not need cable so that you can put it anywhere around your WiFi router. Power consumption is 5V 300mA and you can use Smartphone's battery charger.

Two square hole is USB interface and power supply connectors. Beside of square hole, there is LED indicator which shows status of cpu inside.

The red button of top case is shutdown switch which is used for power off.

How does Portable AMBE Server work?

 See the drawing.  "Blue DV for Android" application software which is running inside of Smartphone is connecting two IP address. One is reflector and other one is router which has portable AMBE server. The reflector access signal is sent to reflector. The voice signal packet which is compressed or expanded by AMBE Server is sent to the router. The router makes IP address conversion to access portable AMBE Server.


One other way to use the Portable AMBE Server is for the people does not have home internet line or can not get the WAN IP address (global IP address) because of several reasons. In this case It uses Smartphone's tethering function. Portable AMBE Server has wifi access function. and default SSID is PAMBESERVER and Pass word is abcdefg1234. You set the Smartphone SSID PAMBESERVER and Pass word abcdefg1234 at tethering mode. then Portable AMBE Server can connect Smartphone through the WiFi. Usually Smartphone's tethering gateway IP Address is . Portable AMBE Server default IP address is When you run the "BlueDV AMBE for Android" software, please set Server IP . then BlueDV AMBE can use AMBE Server and you can make reflector QSO.

See drawing below.

Actual QSO sample using Portable AMBE Server

See youtube below


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